B2B Money Transfer Platform

WePay is financial service and communications System Platform Build with Laravel. It’s Fully Responsive and Easy to Use Agent to Agent Money Transfer Platform. you need to complete a “To Send Money” form and pay the agent the amount you want to send, plus fees, in cash. To pick up the money, the receiver will complete a “To Receive Money” form at any WePay agent location and provide proper identification. The agent then pays the transfer amount to the receiver.

Agent Panel:

☲ Responsive Frontend.

☲ Platform Information.


☲ Easy To Use Dashboard.

☲ Agent Commission Summary.

☲ Total Balance Summary

☲ Manage Transaction.

☲ Send Money Anywhere.

☲ Receive Money.

☲ Sending Log.

☲ Receiving log.

☲ Withdraw Balance.

☲ Deposit Balance.

☲ Transaction Logs.

Admin Panel:

☲ Gorgeous Dashboard.

☲ Admin Profile Management.

☲ Basic Settings Management.

☲ Country Management.

☲ Merchants Management.

☲ Add New Deposit Method.

☲ View Deposit Method.

☲ Deposit Request.

☲ Deposit Approved Logs.

☲ Deposit Cancel Logs.

☲ Add New Withdraw Method.

☲ View Withdraw Method.

☲ Withdraw Request.

☲ Withdraw Approved Logs.

☲ Withdraw Refund logs.

☲ Total Transaction History.

☲ Send-Recieve Logs.

☲ Print Receipt (Sending Log ).

☲ Interface Control Management.

☲ Menus Management.

☲ Logo and Icon Management.

☲ Slider Settings.

☲ Services Management.

☲ Testimonial Management.

☲ Social Accounts Management.

☲ Footer Content Management.

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