Catering – Meal Delivery Management System

Catering Is Easy to use Staff Meal / Food Delivery Service Management Software Developed with PHP Laravel for companies of all sizes. This software is designed to fulfill the needs of both the Catering and their Customers. effectively Included: Meal Management, Food Delivery Service, Meal Package, Meal Delivery Confirmation System, staff, Payroll, Holidays, total Income & Expense Ledger.

Key Features:

☲ Responsive Frontend.
☲ Manage the Catering Office.
☲ Meal Package.
☲ Meal Delivery.
☲ Catering Due History.
☲ General Management.
☲ Paid & Due Payment System.
☲ Invoice Management.
☲ Email Notification System.
☲ DUE Bill History.
☲ Meal Shift Management.
☲ Catering Service History.
☲ Easy to Print Invoice.
☲ Income/Expense.
☲ Transaction Purpose.
☲ Accounts Chart.
☲ Employee Salary.
☲ Salary Chart.
☲ Notice Management.
☲ Holiday Management.
☲ Employee List.
☲ Attendance.
☲ Individual Attendance.
☲ Department Management.

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