Paid Online Survey Management

Online Survey Management is an online Survey creator script that allows you to build Online Survey, quizzes, tests and assessments, both online and on paper. Creating and managing a Survey has never been easier but Online Survey Management makes a time-consuming chore a whole lot easier and the result considerably more professional. You can use Online Survey Management as an assessment system to build your Survey with several features, for Surveyple multiple question types, Paid Survey system, Survey result system, randomization, professional layouts, tablet support, and much more.

Frontend Features:

—Fully Responsive Design.

—Fully Dynamic.

—Informative Frontend.

—Login & Registration System.

—Easy Social Linkup.

—Easy To Contact.

—Category wise Survey Choose System.

—Paid & Free Survey.

—User Dashboard.

—Balance System.

—Withdraw System.

—Survey Archive.

—Survey & Result Details.

Admin Panel Features:

—A to Z Dynamic.

—Manage Survey Category.

—Manage Survey Sub-Category.

—Manage Survey Question.

—Create Survey Question.

—Set Survey FREE or PAID.

—Manage Currency.

—Manage User / Surveyor.

—ALL Survey Report.

—Logo Setting.

—Web Title Setting.

—Header & Footer Setting.

—Slider Setting.

—Offer Setting.

—History Setting.

—Social Link Setting.

—Payment Method Setting.

—Partner Logo Setting.

—ALL Withdraw History.

—ALL Survey Result History.

—Contact Setting.

—About Us Setting.

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